X-Treme Rotaries - Australia

XTreme Rotaries Australia LogoRotaryengine.com (REC) is a proud authorized distributor of X-Treme Rotaries from Australia, also known as GURU Motorsports.  Most of their products are exactly what their company name speaks.  X-Treme products for the real rotary enthusiast and racers.  REC has taken the initiative to import and inventory a large variety of commonly sold or high demand products.  Through years of a well established working relationship with XR and almost 2 decades of importing products into North America, we can offer you the most informative advice on products and importing them for the least amount of costs and headache.  Our goal is to deliver you the same product which is available on either ours or their website in the least amount of time for the best price.  And with all the experience we have...we can promise just that.  Along with the discount structure which any distributor gets, and the know how for efficient importing strategies and shipping discounts, we will get you a better price then if you were to import it yourself.


Peripheral Port Rotor Housing

The owner of XR has actually asked us if we would help him by taking care of North American interest for a few different reasons.

1) They are an extremely busy outfit who have worldwide exposure and an impeccable reputation for high quality products.  They simply need our help with resale and distribution.  Australia alone (home country) is keeping their sales and demand high and XR does not want to disappoint anyone from North America with late deliveries and inefficient export costs.  There are a lot of companies in North America who wish to buy direct but there are some limitations and challenges to selling to anyone and everyone including shops and businesses. (see below)  We will promise to sell X-Treme Rotaries products to any of our customers at an equal or lesser price than if they were to order directly from XR themselves. Further discounts to shops and businesses require you to contact us.


2) XR knows we are familiar with their products and have the expertise to be informative and knowledgeable to act as their agent.  This is important for recommendations and tech support.  XR entrusts us to do this to their requiremnts.


3) Some other key reasons why we were chosen to be an XR distributor were because of the requirments of proper equipment and maching services. Many of XR products need to be altered of modified to properly fit the application, therefor, the qualifications, know how and availability to equipment is essential. Since many shops do not have the machinery of the qualifications, it limits who can or whould be representing XR products. Some examples would be maching and finishing center bearings into the center housing for the two-piece e-shaft kits. The shaft kits are also required to be propery balanced before they can be released. With the aid of our dynamic balancer, milling center, and years of experience, we have this capability along with many other important skills to satisfy XR with all services and machine work. For more information on our services, see our services section.


20B Billet Fuel Rail Kit4) Most importantly for you (the consumer) REC will combine the discounts and importing strategies to make sure you do NOT pay anymore costs then necessary, and no more struggling or headaches with customs and the freight companies with loss or damage. For those of you who have past experience with importing products from overseas, you can probably relate to the disappointment of spending more time and more money than you originally anticipated. We can guarantee the quoted landed cost to North America and the delivered cost to your door... in good condition... or your money back!


5) Finally, with the high demand, XR products can sometimes be difficult to obtain. The way that XR had structured things with us as their distributor allows us to get priority availability to all backordered and high demand products. So a certain quantity of high demand products are allocated to us before any XR production runs are spoken for. Again, our goal is to get you the product as quickly as overnight or the quickest possible when your demand is "right now"!


Look out for more updated products from XR available to you on a first available basis.  If they offer it, we'll either get first dibs on it or will already have it in stock.