Machining & Modifications

REC & offers more than just engine building services and availability to wholesale priced parts. We are a full machine shop with special tools and customized jigs to manufacture and modify unique rotary engine parts and performance accessories.

Apex Slot/Other Seal Machining

3mm Apex Rotor Seal Modifications

REC Offers a variety of different apex seal services. On top of apex seals, we of course also have options and services available for corner and side seals.

Rotor Performance Modifications

Rotor Performance upgrades

We offer many rotor mods. CNC Services, combustion machining, clearancing, lightening, gear locking etc.

RX8 Rotor Specific

RX8 Performance Mods

Over the last five years, REC has been performing two types of the apex machining developed specifically for the RX-8 rotor. After learning how the fragile Renesis apex seals tend to easily fail under aspirated as well as boosted applications, we decided to create a method to increase the durability of this component.

Exhaust Sleeve Upgrades

Rotary Exhaust Sleeve

We have recently developed procedures to convert your rotary engine to a completely aluminum engine block. You may have noticed one of our claims on the home page of this website is "home of the all aluminum 3 rotor engine".

Oil & Coolant

Rotary Balancing

With 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of Rotary engineering, along with the aid of a Sunnen engine balancer and our milling center, REC has perfected the process of dynamic balancing of all Rotary engine rotating assemblies.