REC Services

We are a complete car service, engine building and machine shop providing exceptional attention to detail and excellent communication with our customers. With and experienced and efficient staff, along with the latest technology and equipment, we can turn around your vehicle, engine,and engine service in a prompt and timely manner.

If you do not see a service listed to the left, contact us, as we will more than likely be able to accommodate your needs.

If you experience any difficulties or dissatisfaction with any service we offer please contact Adam Heyman (owner) directly by telephone or E-Mail. Your comments or concerns are valued and appreciated.

20B/FD Conversions

20B Subframe Kit

For the last 13 years REC and RX7 Specialties has been one of the only outfits we know of to offer all the parts and services to complete a turn key three rotor powered FD. We not only sell every customize parts needed for this conversion but our shop services and expertise are available to help you build this 600 RWHP Demon.

Lapping Services

Rotary Side Housing Lapping Services

REC offers a variety of side housing services in order to aid in restoration of the side housings which will in turn offer back performance and longevity benefits.

Machining & Modifications

Rotor Maching Services

We offer more than just engine building services and availability to wholesale priced parts. We are a full machine shop with special tools and customized jigs to manufacture and modify unique rotary engine parts and performance accessories.

Aluminum Engines & Side Housings

Aluminum Rotary Engine

We have recently developed procedures to convert your rotary engine to a completely aluminum engine block. You may have noticed one of our claims on the home page of this website is "home of the all aluminum 3 rotor engine".


Rotary Balancing

With 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of Rotary engineering, along with the aid of a Sunnen engine balancer and our milling center, REC has perfected the process of dynamic balancing of all Rotary engine rotating assemblies.

Rotor Housing Refinishing

REC Rotor Housing Refinishing Service

A procedure we have been performing on our in house build and projects for 15 years. Now offered to the public for the first time. A great affordable way to get OME housing performance, without purchasing new housings.

Ceramic/Cermet Coatings

Ceramic Rotary Coatings

Over the years REC has experimented with different cermet and ceramic products which can benefit a rotary engine by reducing friction, heat and wear, as well as control engine temperatures.

Customizing & Fabrication

Rotary Engine Customizing

REC offers a variety of customizing options for all rotary specific applications as well as other non rotary applications.
Please contact us for additional information on customizing services.

Engine Building

Rotary Engine Building

Many people have not become aware of who we are or what we do because in the past we have been providing our engines and services mainly to shops and other engine builders. Due to some of the unique and proprietary parts and services we offer, much of what we do is considered to be quite unique and uncommon within the industry.

Engine Porting

Rotary Race Porting

REC offers several types of porting and polishing. With 20+ years of experience we can offer you some of the best porting techniques to maximize flow and increased power. We believe we go the extra mile to give you the very best in our industry at very competitive prices.

Oil Modification

Rotary Oil Modifications

REC offers a variety of oil system modifications to improve both reliability and performance of all rotary engines. Feel free to browse our sub categories on the right for more information on all the oil modification services that we offer. Email Us for more details

Rotor Services

RX7 rotor Services

REC offers a wide variety of services that can be performed to the rotor itself. From machining to basic repair of a stock rotor, we can and have done it all.

Studding & Dowell Pinning

Extra Dowell Pin Kits

Doweling and studding is one of the best strength modifications that we offer for all rotary engine blocks. This modification is widely used among high-powered racing engines and turbocharged or boosted street engines. Although the processes for Doweling and studding are different they perform the same primary function. If the customer chooses, we can combine the two procedures on the same engine but under normal circumstances we offer one or the other.

Bearing & Gear Services

Rotary Main Bearing Services

We offer a wide variety of upgrade and performance stationary gear and engine bearing parts and services. Much of what we do within this category is targeted around strength, reliability and longevity.