Non-Automotive Rotary Applications (REC) has dedicated their R&D services to a variety of aftermarket and stationary applications using the Mazda rotary engine. The projects range from services which we were hired to perform to investment of our own time and money. Each application was unique and in some cases...never performed before.

Rotary Power Generators

This was by far the largest, most time consuming and heavily researched project we ever attempted. With great success, we managed to have a total of 29 engines consisting of 4 stand alone units and 5 (5 engine) skids running at one time. Over 70 engines were tested amongst the project and ran using 3 different fuels. The most challanging was the "sour gas" burning engines. We sucessfully ran fuel with a 6% H2S content. This was only tested for a maximum of 4000hrs running time as the "sweet gas" engines were sucessful to 16,000 hrs.All the while, we were spinning 75kw and 80kw generators producing enough energy that is was sold to the "grid" (Transalta utilities). Much of what we learned and the information we saved is still considered to be our own "proprietary" technology.This technology still operates today!


Rotary Expanders and Compressors

This project was so different as far as rotary usages go...we are still expanding on the concept as it is unlimited.The main principal which can be sharred is that the engines are not combusting yet still efficiantly generating energy. They are also a great way to make use of energy that typically costs money to dispose of.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Still in final development stages and versatile with many types of fuels, the screw compressors are not only very reliable, but, portable. This type of compressor is used widely in the oil and gas industry. In many cases, large companies have a need to relocate their compressors scince the fuel source might change positions etc. This unit is made in three major forms and can accommodate some of the largest jobs that usually require a catapilar engine to keep up in comparrison.