3 & 4 Rotor Engines

3 Rotor REC Engines

3 Rotor Motor

REC also takes pride in building high-quality street, road race and drag race engines using a factory 20B three rotor engine from the 1989 tp 1995 Mazda Cosmos. Due to the lack of availability of Cosmos engines from Japan, it is making it more difficult to offer these engines. REC is proud to announce that we have a very good supply of these engine and inventory, we only use top north cores for all of our builds.

Although we do not offer cores for outright purchase, we can promise that every 3 rotor built engine we sell is suitable for the highest quality rebuild.

Visit out Engine Services section for a complete list of available upgrades and modifications.

4 Rotor REC Engines

4 Rotor MotorAt this time four rotor engines will be available in "all aluminum" peripheral port configuration only. These engines are sold as complete assemblies and are designed for aspirated Peripheral port road racing only. This is not a street engine and we do not recommend them for aircraft. This engine comes complete with dry sump oil system, all intake and throttle bodies, fuel system, engine management and ignition. $55,000 USD


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