3 and 4 Rotor Kits

4 Rotor MotorREC also takes pride in building high-quality street, road race and drag race engines using a factory 20B three rotor engine from the 1989 to 1995 Mazda Cosmos. Due to the lack of availability of Cosmos engines from Japan, it is making it more and more difficult to offer these engines. Now and for the first time REC offers kits and packages to convert or "stretch" your 13B engine to a 20B three rotor engine or 26B four rotor engine. Utilizing our customized aluminum engine side housings, along with our crankshaft kits, we can sell you all the parts necessary to complete this build.

3 Rotor MotorWhether you are purchasing our two-piece 20B center plate and custom three rotor crankshaft to stretch your standard 13B, or aiming to build an all aluminum three or four rotor, the combinations and possibilities are endless.

At this time four rotor engines will be available in "all aluminum", peripheral port configuration only.

Please see the 20B section, products section, or the online store of this website for more information.

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