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With the availability to performance products and high demand (hard to get) products... we have them all.

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  • Iannetti Ceramic Seals
  • OME Seals
  • Super Seals
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REC (RX-7 Specialties) Apex Seals

REC Rotary Engine Apex SealsREC has our own brand of precision 2 pc. alloy seals which have previously been sold under our sister company name of ‘RX-7 Specialties apex seals.’ These seals have a reputation to be one of the strongest seals available within the last 5 years.

Our seals have been used as an upgrade in all of our non specified in house builds as ‘standard equipment’ rebuild package. We have gladly used other brands of seals on in house and mail order builds when specified or requested, and continue to do so. We always make recommendations to use other products if we see an advantage or cost difference. Ex. REC and RX-7 Specialties recommends, for the ultimate engine build for road racing, the use of Ianetti Ceramic Seals, which are far superior to any alloy product.

REC seals are the same seals used in many competitive race cars and performance shop customer cars. We cater to a few shops around the world who insist on using our product and… no-one else’s. One of the best characteristics of our product is that we use the exact factory end, which we also sell. This factory design in our opinion enables the absolute best sealing quality and makes it unnecessary to match the 2 pieces together when manufacturing. In other words, each long piece will work with any short end or factory end. Some aftermarket manufacturers do not offer this and the parts MUST be used together. We do offer a matching material end piece for high boost or nitrous oxide applications, in which case we do not recommend the use of the factory end piece. Once the seals are used with the high strength material for both the long beam and end piece, you end up with the absolute strongest apex seal available today.

Some shops have put our seals to the test and deliberately ran the seals using strong 8.5:1 rotors at excessive boost levels, above 40lbs, and advanced the timing to break the engine on purpose. Low and behold… like our own testing… the seals were fine but the rest of the engine was destroyed.

*The current world record holder in Puerto Rico for the fasted all steel body RX-7 uses our seals. We were told that REC seals were one of the key components to their success. This car makes over 1050 RWHP at 55+ lbs of boost, running a 6.97 @ 297 MPH in March of ’08, and has generated multiple passes using the same engine with the same set of seals.

Iannetti Gold Series.

REC and RX-7 Specialties has undergone hundreds of hours of testing and experimenting with Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seals to allow us to recommend the best applications for the use of these seals. There are some customers who simply request this product without substitution and will settle for nothing less.

The ceramic material has many benefits and few drawbacks to its compatibility with the rotary engine. These seals are highly recommended for road racing and is purposeful for many types of drag racing. Street use is acceptable and for those who want the best, its advantages serve just as well for performance street use or everyday driving.
Some benefits to choosing Iannetti Seals are as follows:

  • Extremely lightweight. This helps reduce wear and creates a better seal at high RPM as a result to the seals being lightweight.
  • Disperse heat and maintains its ambient temperature dimension better than an alloy seal. This material has minimal growth and therefore retains a tight fitment between the rotor groove and the gap at the ends. They also will not transfer as much heat into the spring which in other cases causes flattening of the springs, resulting in lost compression and sealing.
  • Excellent durability and can withstand minor detonation.
  • These seals can be reused or re-radiuses if swapping out rotor housing.
  • Horsepower and torque gains can be noticed on a dynometer or ¼ mile times.
  • The only product whereby one can use a one piece design for strength and sealing.
  • Other benefits based on application. (please contact us)

Costs may be the only drawback for street use but its superior design and character may be the uncontestable resons for choosing this product.

REC has carried and used this product for over 10 years and truly believes in all its advantages. Its extensive and versatile usage has allowed us to build the most reliable, durable, and long life engines we have ever done. It even allows us to explore the further use of “Non-Automotive Applications.” In past, and future projects, we used the seals to overcome the excessive wear and corrosive environment of the stationary engines used in oil field generators, including Sour Gas with high percentages of H2S. Without the use of Ianetti Ceramic Apex Seals the engines would not have been able to survive this application. Future prospects of this product have opened our doors for a whole other realm of rotary engine use.

This seal is offered in a wide variety of configurations to meet the requirements of all rotary engine cars and race teams. We have also had design ideas with the cooperation of founder and owner, Francesco Iannetti, who has personally help us design and create customized seals for even more specific applications. Not just oil field or non-automotive, but specific fitted seals to accommodate the special apex grooves for the REC custom offered RX-8 rotors. These seals provide the best balance between strength and long life for those who want the most reliable forced induction RX-8 engines. These particular seals are sold separately (single or dual sping) incl. the springs OR old as an RX-8 rotor upgrade kit with seals as a package, cost savings on this kit price.

We are happy to extend our 20 years of experience to recommend our advise and experience for a perfect combinations between your engine and this product. (Contact us for further details)

Iannetti Silver Series

This product gives all the benefits of a ceramic material but is not rated quite as high in strength and forced induction applications. Some Non-Turbo applications may still require Gold Series seals. The costs are far more attractive in many cases where the Gold Series simply are not necessary. The Silver Series is available in all configurations except the turbo RX-8 (renesis) 3mm rotors.

Please contact us for further recommendations on Iannetti Silver Series Product.

OME (Original Mazda Equipment) Apex Seals

There are many consumers who simply request that their engines are built with strictly all Mazda OME parts. We offer all OME parts including the apex seals.

We have seen some benefits ourselves to whereby we choose and recommend OME apex seals. We also have some of the best prices on OME seals, and also have seals which have been modified for performance and race applications.

One thing you can count on with OME seals is that they are 99.99% accurate and flawless in manufacturing. We have yet to see an incorrectly made OME seal which either has a defect of is not exactly the same specification or dimension. The OME seals have a better than average record for overall rotor housing wear but still have the inherent (digging effect) on the outside perimeter of the rotor housings.

A drawback to these seals is that they are externally hardened which makes them fragile under detonation and usually fracture at the top of the seals if detonation does occur. This however can also happen with other products as well.

Super Seals

REC is only one of two authorized distributors for the well known “Black” seals, or “Super Seals.”

These, like our own seals, are offered in a nitride surface finish, giving the seals a black appearance. This process is done not for coloration, rather the color takes place while deliberately gas nitriding the seals for strength.

These seals are probably the most popular and highly recognized aftermarket seals on the market today. Although these seals are very much the same as our own seals, they have a unique end piece which is slightly larger than stock, and of course have the “Superseal” logo lazered onto the face of the seal. Again, sometimes titles as “unbreakable,” these seals have a reputation for withstanding huge boost and detonation. These seals have been proven for more than 5 years and are a very difficult product to obtain at times.

We normally have them in stock but have known to be oversold by sometimes only one customer who takes them all while they can. Pricing is very attractive and as a result, wholesale discounts to not provide a lot of markup. We will discount these seals to dealers and businesses who purchase at least 5 sets or more. Please contact us for details.

Atkins Rotary Seals

Atkins seals are a highly durable aftermarket seal which cannot be matched in pricing. Although they are the least expensive, they have been proven to be substantially stronger than factory seals and are available in different configurations as well. We have several requests for this product and have heard of some excellent results drag racing as well as use in boost applications.

They are a very good product to work with re-used rotor housing as they are not case hardened, which helps them to seat faster than most other seals. They were deliberately manufactured to compete with strength and the high cost of OME seals.

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